6 months research in 1 day

ERP implementation can be one of the most difficult business challenges

Competition in the manufacturing sector is fierce. A multitude of global competitors, tough market conditions, weak state support and many other factors mean that, while an ERP system is essential, it is extremely difficult to find the time to properly assess all the relevant ERP options. It is especially hard to compare all the systems with the vendors in face-to-face meetings.

For the last 10 years, Connect ERP has been changing the way businesses approach software selection by minimizing the overall time and effort required to qualify potential enterprise software vendors.

The next Connect ERP (meet-the-buyer / meet-the-vendor) event is due to take place in Chicago, Illinois in June 2017. This event is produced by Hennik Research, publishers of The Manufacturer.

This event offers the perfect platform for manufacturers (and other ERP-ready firms) to properly assess, condense and conduct their research prior implementation.

”I thought the day was very well organised and a great opportunity to meet several vendors under one roof.  It has potentially saved me many hours work already’’

-Derek Neil, Director, ConMech

  • This unique style of event offers the opportunity for you, and your team, to meet the premier enterprise software solution providers and stay ahead of industry trends. Allowing for months of research to be done in a matter of hours, you can head back to your office with a plan for the future of your business’s ERP system.

    Connect ERP offers:

    • One-to-one meetings with leading ERP solution providers
    • Networking opportunities with like-minded peers
    • Industry lead “been there, done that” case studies 
    • ERP practice benchmarking
    • Answers to your questions; ready for your own project
    • Free food and coffee all day!
  • Anyone involved in an ERP project team and key decision makers.

    Connect ERP is designed for:

    • those conducting research into ways to improve current ERP system with an upgrade.
    • those with a live ERP project and wish and meet with the solution providers.
    • those looking to implement an ERP system in the next 3 – 18 months

    Typical job titles include:

    • Chief Financial Officer
    • Chief Technology Officer
    • Managing Director
    • CEO
    • General Manager
    • IT Director / Manager 
    • Operations Manager
    • Vice President
    • Engineering Manager
    • Business Systems Manager

Connect ERP

In today’s tech-centric world, there are plenty of ERP software offerings available. Connect ERP is focused on urging caution and steadiness when implementing a new system.  The success of a project centres on:

  • clearly understanding your requirements and specifications
  • conducting solid research around the systems that match your needs
  • building strong relationships with the vendors and consultants

Event Sponsors Include

Systems Represented at Previous Events

  • “The ConnectERP events continue to improve and add value to HSO’s lead generation programme.  The most recent event provided us with a greater choice of more relevant companies with more interesting projects.”


    -Nicola Hanny, Head of Marketing, HSO

  • “As an ERP provider, Prodware has been looking for a media and events partner that understands and reflects the Manufacturing industry and provides value to that community. Through the regular industry surveys conducted by The Manufacturer, the manufacturing industry and its supply chain has access to analysis that informs strategic decision making; and this supports our own choice in investing in this partnership.”

    -Sales and Marketing Director, Prodware

  • “Exel Computer Systems plc. has continually supported the ERP Connect events for the last 5 years, we do so because we see the return on investment expected from paying for the opportunity to sit in front of the right people, from the right company, and at the right time in their project. We find the majority of our meetings are mutually arranged, and as such it is refreshing to find delegates as engaged and eager to find out about our business as we are of theirs.”

    – Marketing Executive, Exel Computer Systems plc

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09.00Registration and coffee
09.15Conference Introduction
09.20ERP and change management
  • People and project team selection
  • Implementation and company wide engagement
  • Post implementation transition and success
09.40Business transformation and your ERP system
  • ERP and servitization
  • How company change impacts on your business system
  • Adapting a system

ERP, data and a reality check

  • Ensuring best practice
  • Early stage research
  • Vendor and system selection
10.20 Transfer time
10.25 Coffee break and one-to-one networking meetings
11.25 Transfer time

ERP implementation; best practice

  • Tips and pointers to implementation success
  • Research and conversations with vendors

11.45Workshop Group 1
Common mistakes and errors to avoid

Reasons for change – key questions to ask

12.20Workshop Group 2
Price justification and ERP RoI

People management and ERP implementation

12.55 Transfer time
13.00 Networking lunch
13.20 Coffee break and one-to-one networking meetings
14.20 Transfer time
14.25How to reduce risk and avoid disaster
  • Think – about the big changes you’ll make and the impact on people
  • Choose – the right horse for the course (it might even be a goat)
  • Forge – shape your system so that people will want to use it


The business case for ERP

  • Business reasons for change
  • Long-term business strategy and ERP

Modern business thinking; sensible reasoning

  • Unneccessary KPI and cost savings
  • Common ERP implementation mistakes
  • ERP implementation best practice
15.25Q&A Panel

15.40Conference end
15.45 Transfer time
15.50 Coffee break and one-to-one networking meetings
16.30Conference end


If you would like to discuss speaking at this and other Connect events please contact:

Tim Brown
Head of International Content
Tel: +1 (646) 9151 507
Email: speakers@hennikgroup.com

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